Our Services

  • Traffic control vehicle 24 hours via our website on the internet.
  • Turning off the control vehicle by mobile phone or location.
  • possibility of determining a certain speed of the vehicle up in the phone alarm if exceeded.
  • possibility of developing a phone up alarm if the vehicle moves.
  • possibility of determining a geographic area of the vehicle and received a warning on the phone in the event of exit.
  • the possibility to know where the vehicle is at at anytime during the previous 30 days.
  • recive alarms on the phone at major disconnect the battery-free vehicle.
  • tracking device contains a battery, so operate for at least 24 hours in the event of separation of the main battery.


-Front Abouhrieda round point near Alqouds Mosque - Aljoumhouria street.

-20th of Ramadan (11th of june previously) near Soug Aljoumaa bridge.

Tripoli : 0918210000 - 0918210001